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State of  New MexicoState of New Mexico
State of New Mexico the Land of Enchantment State

New Mexico State Tree is the Pinyon Tree
State Tree
Pinyon Tree

Yucca Flowers is the state Flower for New Mexico
State Flower
Yucca Flower
State Animal of New Mexico is the Black Bear
State Animal
Black Bear
Cutthroat Trout is the State Fish of New Mexico
State Fish
Cutthroat Trout
Roadrunner is the State Bird of New Mexico
State Bird
New Mexico State Flag
State Flag
New Mexico
New Mexico State Seal
State Seal
New Mexico
Capitol of New Mexico
State Capitol
Santa Fe
New Mexico State AirCraft is the Hot Air Balloon
State AirCraft
Hot Air Balloon
Turquoise State Gem

Have you ever searched and searched for a RV Park Late at night, and couldn't find one? We have tried to make your Searching Easy to find New Mexico RV Parks, by Splitting the State in Half using North and South New Mexico. We do not charge for the RV Park Listing with us, and to make it better, we have included the link directly to the RV Park or Campground. Enjoy!

(While holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard, press the F key. Enter the City Name you are looking for. Click again for the next listing in that City.)


Albuquerque KOA - Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque North/Bernalillo Koa - Bernalillo, NM
American RV Park - Albuquerque, NM
Angel Fire RV Resort - Angel Fire, NM
Angel Peak RV Park - Bloomfield, NM
B&L RV Park and Storage - Farmington, NM
Balloon View Homes & RV Park - Albuquerque, NM
Bluewater Lake State Park - Prewitt, NM
Cactus RV Park - Tucumcari, NM
Capulin RV Park - Capulin, NM
Cimarron Canyon State Park - Eagle Nest, NM
Cimarron Inn & RV Park - Cimarron, NM
Clayton Lake State Park - Clayton, NM
Conchas Lake State Park - Conchas Dam, NM
Coronado Village - Albuquerque, NM
Coyote Creek State Park - Guadalupita, NM
Dancing Eagle Casino RV Park - Casa Blanca, NM
Eagle Nest Lake State Park - Eagle Nest, NM
El Morro RV Park and Cabins - El Morro, NM
El Rancho RV Park - Albuquerque, NM
El Vado Lake State Park - Tierra Amarilla, NM
Enchanted Moon RV Park - Valle Escondido, NM
Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post - Albuquerque, NM
Golden Eagle RV Park - Eagle Nest, NM
Grants / Cibola Sands KOA - Grants, NM
Heron Lake State Park - Los Ojos, NM
High Desert RV Park - Albuquerque, NM
Homestead RV Park - Kirtland, NM
Hyde Memorial State Park - Santa Fe, NM
Isleta Lakes & RV Park - Albuquerque, NM
Jemez Falls Campgrounds - Jemez Springs, NM
La Vista RV Park - Belen, NM
Las Vegas KOA - Las Vegas, NM
Lavaland RV Park - Grants, NM
Leisure Mountain MH & RV Park - Tijeras, NM
Little Creel Resort - Chama, NM
Los Sueños de Santa Fe RV Park - Santa Fe, NM
Lost Eagle RV Park - Eagle Nest, NM
Manzano Mountains State Park - Mountainair, NM
Monte Verde RV Park & Campground - Angel Fire, NM
Moore's RV Park & Campground - Bloomfield, NM
Navajo Lake State Park - Navajo Dam, NM
NRA Whittington Center Campground - Raton, NM
Palisades RV Park - Albuquerque, NM
Pendaries RV Park - Rociada, NM
Pinon RV Park - Santa Fe, NM
Ponil Campgrounds - Ponil, NM
Questa Lodge - Questa, NM
Rancheros de Santa Fe Campground - Santa Fe, NM
Raton KOA - Raton, NM
Raton Pass Camp & Café - Raton, NM
Red River RV Park - Red River, NM
Redondo Campground - Jemez Springs, NM
Rio Chama RV Park - Chama, NM
River Ranch RV Park - Red River, NM
Road Runner RV Park - Santa Fe, NM
Road Runner RV Resort - Red River, NM
Route 66 RV Park - Edgewood, NM
Route 66 RV Resort - Albuquerque, NM
Ruins Road RV Park - Aztec, NM
San Antonio Campground - Jemez Springs, NM
Santa Fe KOA - Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Skies RV Park - Santa Fe, NM
Santa Rosa Campground - Santa Rosa, NM
Santa Rosa Lake State Park - Santa Rosa, NM
Sierra Bonita Cabins & RV Park - Guadalupita, NM
Sierra Hermosa RV Park - Questa, NM
Sierra Village RV Park - Taos, NM
Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort - Vadito, NM
Sky City RV Park - Acoma, NM
Sky Mountain Resort - Chama, NM
Stagecoach Stop RV Park - Rio Rancho, NM
Storrie Lake State Park - Las Vegas, NM
Sugarite Canyon State Park - Raton, NM
Sundowner MH & RV Park - Farmington, NM
Taos Monte Bello RV Park - El Prado, NM
Taos Valley RV Park and Campground - Taos, NM
Trailer Ranch RV Park - Santa Fe, NM
Tucumcari KOA - Tucumcari, NM
Turner Inn & RV Park - Mountainair, NM
Turquoise Trail Campground - Cedar Crest, NM
Twin Rivers RV Park & Campground - Chama, NM
USA RV Park - Gallup, NM
Ute Lake State Park - Logan, NM
Villanueva State Park - Villanueva, NM
Weathers RV Park - Eagle Nest, NM
Working Man's RV Park - Kirtland, NM


A Deming Roadrunner RV Park - Deming, NM
Akers RV Park - Clovis, NM
Alamogordo / White Sands KOA - Alamogordo, NM
Along the River Park - Ruidoso, NM
Apache RV Park - Cruzville, NM
Arrey RV Park - Arrey, NM
Arrowhead Motel & RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
Artesian Bath-House & RV Park - Truth or Consequences, NM
Bighorn Campground - Glenwood, NM
Blue Spruce RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
Bonito Hollow RV Park & Campground - Ruidoso, NM
Boot Hill RV Resort - Alamogordo, NM
Bottomless Lakes State Park - Roswell, NM
Brantley Lake State Park - Carlsbad, NM
Burro Mountain Homestead - Silver City, NM
Caballo Lake RV Park - Caballo, NM
Caballo Lake State Park - Caballo, NM
Camp @ Cloudcroft RV Park - Mayhill, NM
Carlsbad KOA - Carlsbad, NM
Carlsbad RV Park & Campground - Carlsbad, NM
Cedar Cove RV Park - Elephant Butte, NM
Circle B RV Park - Ruidoso Downs, NM
City of Rocks State Park - Faywood, NM
Clovis RV Park - Clovis, NM
Cool Pines RV Park - Mayhill, NM
Dam Site RV Park - Elephant Butte, NM
Deer Crossing RV Park - San Patricio, NM
Deer Spring RV Park - Mayhill, NM
Desert Haven RV Campground - Williamsburg, NM
Desert Paradise Mobile Home & RV Park - Alamogordo, NM
Desert Trails RV Park - Hobbs, NM
Eagle Creek RV Resort - Alto, NM
Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort - Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte Lake State Park - Elephant Butte, NM
El-Paso West RV Park - Anthony, NM
Enchanted View RV Park - Elephant Butte, NM
Escondido Lake Park - Socorro, NM
Gila Hot Springs Ranch - Mimbres, NM
Gillespie Ranch - Mayhill, NM
Hacienda RV Resort - Las Cruces, NM
Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort - Deming, NM
Hillsboro RV Village - Hillsboro, NM
Hobbs RV Park - Hobbs, NM
Kiva's RV Park and Horse Motel - Bernardo, NM
Las Casitas RV Park - San Acacia, NM
Las Cruces KOA - Las Cruces, NM
Lazy Day Cabins & RV Hideaway - Mayhill, NM
Leasburg Dam State Park - Radium Springs, NM
Little Creek RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
Little Vineyard RV Park - Deming, NM
Lordsburg KOA - Lordsburg, NM
Low-Hi RV Ranch - Deming, NM
Manzano's RV Park - Silver City, NM
Midway RV Park - Dexter, NM
Monticello RV Park - Elephant Butte, NM
Mountain High RV Park - Alto, NM
Mountain Spirits RV Park - Mimbres, NM
Mountain Valley Lodge - Rodeo, NM
Oasis State Park - Portales, NM
Oliver Lee Memorial State Park - Alamogordo, NM
Pancho Villa State Park - Columbus, NM
Percha Dam State Park - Caballo, NM
Pine Ridge RV Campground - Ruidoso, NM
Rainbow Lake Cabin & RV Resort - Ruidoso, NM
Recreation Village & MH Park - Ruidoso, NM
Red Barn RV Park - Roswell, NM
Rio Lago RV Park - Elephant Butte, NM
River Ranch RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
Riverbend Hot Springs - Truth or Consequences, NM
Riverside RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
RJ RV Park - Truth or Consequences, NM
Rockhound State Park - Deming, NM
Rose Valley RV Ranch - Silver City, NM
Rusty's RV Ranch - Rodeo, NM
Scenic Canyon RV Park - Cloudcroft, NM
Seeping Springs Trout Lake & RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
Shady Grove RV Park - Alamogordo, NM
Siesta RV Park - Las Cruces, NM
Silver City KOA - Silver City, NM
Silver City RV Park - Silver City, NM
Southwest Tiny Homes RV Park - Caballo, NM
Stone Mountain RV Resort - Ruidoso, NM
Sugar Pines RV Park - Cloudcroft, NM
Sumner Lake State Park - Sumner Lake, NM
Sundial Springs - Glenwood, NM
Sunny Acres RV Park - Las Cruces, NM
Temperate Zone RV Park - Deming, NM
The Western Motel & RV Park - Magdalena, NM
Three Rivers Petroglyph Site - Tularosa, NM
Town & Country RV Park - Roswell, NM
Trailer Village RV Park - Roswell, NM
Travelers World Campground - Clovis, NM
Twin Spruce RV Park - Ruidoso, NM
West Grand RV Park - Clovis, NM
White's City RV Park - White's City, NM
Zia RVillas - Hobbs, NM