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Camping Tips and Tricks to Surprise Everyone!

Make your Next rv Camping trip an enjoyable one, that even the kids will have fun doing. This site includes, RV tips, Camping tips and tricks, Campfire tips for cooking great meals. RV Camping Tips and tricks are fun and easy. The site will change monthly. We ask for your Tips and Tricks, Email us and let us know what you would like on this site.


One of the joys of camping is cooking round the fire, and eggs make a great start to the day. To avoid breaking eggs in a bag or cooler, pre-scramble them and pour them into a resealable plastic bottle. They'll survive the trip, and won't make a mess when you cook them.
Before you head off for the campsite, crack all of the eggs you want to take into a bowl. Whisk them up and transfer to a sturdy bottle or jar with a reliable lid. You can even add salt, pepper, and other seasoning to save time when preparing meals. Store the bottle your cooler box, and just put it out whenever you need to cook.
It's a great way to let kids cook with eggs without the worry and mess associated with cracking them. Oh… and don't forget to label the bottle. Not only will this help avoid mistaking the eggs for juice, but markers show how many eggs you have left.

I saw this floating around on the internet, and was really amazed at how simple this would be to make, if you had a hand Man around that was bored.  He could make this for your next Campfire.

After generations of sleeping outside, you tend to pick up a few tricks. Since 1938, REI employees and members have been creating and tuning pro tips to help make the outdoors a little more fun.
Some people were born with cold feet. To cope while camping, fill your Nalgene up with hot water and throw it in the bottom of your sleeping bag before bedtime.


After sunset, turn any translucent jug of water into a translucent jug of ambient light. Just strap your headlamp to your water bottle with the light facing inward and tell your scary story that isn’t scary at all.

Save those little silica gel packs and store them with your cookware to help prevent rust. All it takes is one rusty pan for everyone to start calling you Rusty and you just never come back from that.


Use hand-sanitizer to start a germ-free fire in a pinch.


You know those trick birthday candles that everyone hates? Turns out, they make great weatherproof matches/fire-starters. Now mother nature can hate them too!


Start stockpiling your bread tags. They make great clothespins and they’re kinda shaped like slices of bread, which is helpful.


Flame-sealed sections of drinking straws make handy spice holders and terrible water balloons.


When drying a down-filled sleeping bag, include a few tennis balls to preserve loft.


Drop your phone in the river? Put it in that bag of rice your vegan friend brought. Leave it in there for two days and it just might save your phone.


Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets.  Use a lighter to seal up the ends.


Make pancakes with pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk, which don't need to be refrigerated.  Use the Scrambled Eggs above to put into your mix and 1 C. Water


Sounds crazy, but it's actually delicious. Crunchy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. Roast it until it's bubbling.


Keep the kids busy with a scavenger hunt.
Write the items down on a paper bag so they have a receptacle for the items.


(I couldn't find a picture for you all in time for this update. So I have tried to explain the Best that I can.)

Go to your nearest school or large cafeteria-type establishment, and ask them for any #10 cans. Those are the very large cans that come containing things like soup, fruit cocktail, and canned vegetables. Hospital cafeterias are a great place to go!
The cans are made of the same material as inexpensive pots; aluminum. Wash them off and remove the label. Turn them bottom side up, and use something Like tin snips to cut a "door" in the side, about 3/4 of the can's height; fold it back. Create a small pile of charcoal on the ground, and light it. Place the can over the fire, leaving the "door" open, and grease the top with butter or margarine. Now you have a place to fry an egg or two, or even hamburgers or hotdogs!
If you have brought a few of these cans, you can dispose of it when you are through, or wipe it of for next time; saves carrying frying pans!



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